RHS Wisley wedding photographer – Rachel & Jack

RHS Wisley wedding photographer

I was so excited to be an RHS Wisley wedding photographer. It is a truly beautiful garden and now a stunning wedding venue. Rachel and Jack were married at pretty St Nicholas in Compton before jumping into a white cab to Wisley. The rose garden is famous and it was at it’s most beautiful for their June wedding. Jack and Rachel made it so easy, never stopping laughing, and making me laugh too! Then we carried on to the Glasshouse to greet their guests and enjoy drinks and canapes overlooking the water, with guitar music by the fantastic band Bare Groove, who also played in the evening. The wonderful thing about the Glasshouse at RHS Wisley is that it is so very light and full of greenery, meaning that if the weather outside wasn’t quite so lovely, you could have drinks inside and it would still be amazing. Kalm Kitchen cooked delicious food, and wowed with the most beautifully presented dessert table, while Caroline at Cherfold Cottage Flowers styled the bouquets and tables with beautiful homegrown blooms. Speeches were difficult to photograph because I was laughing so hard – and everyone finished off the evening by partying hard. It was a perfect day.

rhs-wisley-wedding_001rhs-wisley-wedding_005rhs-wisley-wedding_008rhs-wisley-wedding_009rhs-wisley-wedding_011rhs-wisley-wedding_012white taxi cab weddingblush bridesmaid dressesadoring father daughter weddingst nicholas comptonrhs-wisley-wedding_020rhs-wisley-wedding_021rhs-wisley-wedding_022rhs-wisley-wedding_023rhs-wisley-wedding_024rhs-wisley-wedding_026.1surrey church weddingwisley wedding ceremonyrhs-wisley-wedding_033rhs-wisley-wedding_034rose petal confettirhs-wisley-wedding_036red and white petal confettirose confettiepic confetti photorhs-wisley-wedding_043rhs-wisley-wedding_044RHS Wisley Glasshousenatural rose and peony bouquetWisley weddingRHS Wisley rose garden Junerhs-wisley-wedding_054rose garden weddingrose weddingrhs-wisley-wedding_065RHW Wisley drinks receptionrhs-wisley-wedding_069rhs-wisley-wedding_070rhs-wisley-wedding_072rhs-wisley-wedding_073rhs-wisley-wedding_074rhs-wisley-wedding_075rhs-wisley-wedding_076Bare Groove wedding guitaristrhs-wisley-wedding_079Wisley Glasshouse receptionrhs-wisley-wedding_086UK glasshouse weddingrhs-wisley-wedding_091rhs-wisley-wedding_092rhs-wisley-wedding_093RHS Wisley Glasshousesurrey sunset weddingrhs-wisley-wedding_097rhs-wisley-wedding_100rhs-wisley-wedding_102rhs-wisley-wedding_103rhs-wisley-wedding_105rhs-wisley-wedding_110rhs-wisley-wedding_113rhs-wisley-wedding_114rhs-wisley-wedding_116rhs-wisley-wedding_119rhs-wisley-wedding_120.1rhs-wisley-wedding_121rhs-wisley-wedding_123rhs-wisley-wedding_127rhs-wisley-wedding_129.1rhs-wisley-wedding_130rhs-wisley-wedding_131rhs-wisley-wedding_132rhs-wisley-wedding_133kalm kitchen dessert table weddingrhs-wisley-wedding_135epic first dance weddingrhs-wisley-wedding_138rhs-wisley-wedding_139rhs-wisley-wedding_140rhs-wisley-wedding_141rhs-wisley-wedding_144rhs-wisley-wedding_145rhs-wisley-wedding_146rhs-wisley-wedding_147


Venue: RHS Wisley, Surrey

Catering: Kalm Kitchen

Music: Bare Groove

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